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Aika Yamaguchi ’24

“It is a small department compared to other departments, so it is easy to feel connected with other Peace Studies students and professors.” An international student from Japan, Aika chose to come to Gustavus due to the opportunity that she would have to be involved in the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Department. Aika has […]

Emma Erickson ’24

“The Physics faculty have helped prepare me for a career through instructing me on a wide variety of topics.” Having chosen Gustavus partially for the physics program, Emma has found just what she was hoping for in the Physics Department. The community of students within the department is very tight-knit, and students can be found […]

Mary Davenport ’25

“The physics major challenges me to my limits but I enjoy every step of the way. The challenge has brought me closer to my peers and my professors.” Developing a passion for physics in High School, Mary has found the Gustavus Physics Department to be a place where she is challenged, but never bored and […]

Annika Reierson ’24

“All faculty members in the HES department have prepared me for my future career as a Physician’s Assistant.” Planning to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant, Annika chose a major in Exercise Physiology due to an interest in exercise as “a pillar of health and wellness”. Annika appreciates the atmosphere within the Health and […]

Cody Bonk ’24

“Through the Pre-Health Career advisors and the HES department I have been able to create a strong resume, received letters of recommendation, and been able to network with previous Gustavus students who are now in graduate school.” Having a passion for the biomechanics of human movement, Cody’s major in Exercise Physiology will help him achieve […]

Lucie Henrich ’25

“The faculty in the HES department have given me many opportunities to explore what I would like to do in the future. They are very helpful in figuring out different paths and post graduation options.” Having an interest in sports psychology, a major in Exercise Physiology has helped Lucie explore her passion for understanding the […]

Soren Sackreiter ’26

“Having such small classes also allows me to get to know my professors to the point where they are giving me emails of their friends doing research I may be interested in.” Soren has always had an interest in environmental stewardship, and he has found the Environment, Geography and Earth Sciences Department to be a […]

Bryn Archambault ’25

“History classes are an environment of open-minded discussion and debate; a place to bounce ideas off one another.” Bryn did not come to Gustavus planning to major in History, but since being at Gustavus she has found a deep interest in the content that she has explored in her history classes, and has realized that […]

Zoya Akhtar ’26

“I have learned great things from each professor and I know what things I will want to implement in my future career as well.” With intended majors in Mathematics and Computer Science, Zoya’s passion for math started when she was young, always having enjoyed helping others with their math homework and appreciating her own math […]

Rose Han ’25

“I fell in love with being creative and making art especially in such a great environment that the art department creates.” Originally planning on only a major in Environmental Studies, Rose has also been able to direct her passion for the environment in creative ways through the Art and Art History Department. She is specifically […]