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Zoe Jesh ’24

“Not only have [the Political Science faculty] provided me with valuable information, but they have taught me how to use my personal strengths toward my professional development and provided me with a network of Gustie alumni to reach out to.” Zoe was drawn to a major in Political Science due to an interest in understanding […]

Claire Lind ’24

“There is an overarching effort to develop our own understandings of political and social issues through being exposed to perspectives that might differ from our own.” Claire was drawn to a major in Political Science since the beginning of her college career as someone who is passionate about social justice and advocacy. Her FTS class […]

Regina Olono Vidales ’22

From Zero Public Speaking Experience To The Commencement Podium, Serving On Student Senate Changed The Trajectory Of Vidales’ Life: “I Found a Voice.” “If you don’t speak up for what you want, it’s not going to happen. So you have to speak up for the things that you care about.” When Vidales started at Gustavus, […]