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“It’s always fun to encounter the unexpected when studying religion. “

What are your areas of research and teaching expertise?Casey Elledge stands outside.

The New Testament, Christian Origins, and Ancient Judaism

What is your teaching style?
In my field, we do a lot of close reading and interpretation of ancient religious texts.  We share ideas about what we think these writings are trying to tell us about the meaning of life.  We also spend time thinking critically and appreciatively about their claims in ways that enlarge our own wisdom about ourselves and the world around us. 

Describe your “lightbulb moment.”

It’s always fun to encounter the unexpected when studying religion.  It’s truly a field of study in which anything is possible.

What tips do you have for student success?

Read everything.  View obstacles as a pathway toward new skills.  Study with a variety of different kinds of professors.  Be practical and tough:  Sometimes, to do what you love, you must do what you hate.  Take good care of your body, which is also essential to your academic success.

What do you enjoy outside the classroom?

exercise, outdoors, sports, grilling 

What campus traditions are your favorite?

Honors Day

What is your favorite author/book?

Ovid Metamorphoses

What is your favorite class to teach?

New Testament

Where is your favorite place on campus/in St Peter?

The Lund Center



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