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Rachel Lester ’25

“One thing that I really appreciate about the learning atmosphere in the Biology Department is that most students seek to help each other and collaborate rather than compete with each other.” Planning to pursue plant science in graduate school, Rachel decided on a major in Biology to gain a strong foundation in general biology classes, […]

Gabriela Rodriguez ’24

“I believe [Biology faculty] have provided me with the skills and education needed to succeed in my future career.” Coming to Gustavus knowing that she was interested in science, Gabriela was drawn to a major in Biology on the life sciences track after taking biology courses and enjoying the environmental aspect of the field. Since […]

Dr. Pamela Kittelson

“The Liberal Arts College I Went to Changed My Life – Listen to the Learning for Life Podcast” Dr. Pamela Kittelson of the Biology Department and Environmental Studies program at Gustavus talks about growing up in Colorado, her path to college and eventually an unanticipated PhD in plant biology, coming to Gustavus, teaching Gustavus students in the […]