Sigrid Rohrer ’26

“We encourage each other to deepen our understanding of the topics of our classes and I couldn’t be happier to be in such a collaborative environment for language learning.” Sigrid decided to major in French in addition to a major in Biology due to a love for the French language and an interest in learning […]

Julia Nelson ’26

“I want to create art that will envoke emotions out of people, make them think about their own and other perspectives.” Julia has always loved sharing her art with the world and making people feel something. As a Theatre Major, she has appreciated the opportunity to continue to impact people emotionally. Julia describes the classroom […]

Jonah Johnson ’25

“Religion Faculty are always open to scheduling meetings and talking about the process for their own careers, and offering help on getting info about other topics or careers that fit your life’s trajectory, wherever it’s at.” Jonah decided on a Religion major because of an interest in Religion as it relates to culture and the […]

Kaia Meyer ’26

“The dance professors are some of the most thoughtful people I have met at Gustavus. They are invested in the growth of each student and go out of their way to help us succeed.” As a Biology Major with a Dance minor, Kaia is interested in both science and the arts, and is glad that […]

Charlie Juaire ’26

“The MCS faculty have been a huge help to me in figuring out different career paths by holding career and internship panels and sharing opportunities they find.” Not being fully decided on a major when coming to Gustavus, after his first classes in the Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics Department, Charlie found a passion and […]

Wren Heiman ‘25

“As I apply for internships, the variety of shows that I’ve been able to participate in here round out my portfolio nicely for the place I’m at in my path, and I feel much more secure with a resume that fits the field and has been reviewed by both my classmates and faculty.” As a […]

Olivia Jahnke ’25

“I love class with [Jessica Stadick] because she pushes us to think deeper, has helped me realize that I know more than I think I do, and has overall helped me become more confident in my knowledge.” As a member of the Gustavus Gymnastics Team, Olivia chose to come to Gustavus for the opportunity to […]

Jillian Elton ’25

“In addition to an inviting learning atmosphere, every professor that I’ve taken a class with intentionally ties coursework to prevalent social issues and events, anywhere from a local to global scale.” As someone who wants to be prepared for a dynamic workforce, Jillian was drawn to a major in Communication Studies due to its interdisciplinary […]

Mitch Veith ’25

“A sense of community is found through in class group discussions as well as group work on presentations and projects outside of class.” Mitch decided to major in Communication Studies due to the collaborative and engaging nature of the first Communication Studies classes that he took. Since declaring his major, Mitch has found a tight-knit […]

Anika Smuts ’27

This First-Year From Palo Alto, CA, on Snow, Tater Tot Hot Dish, And Life As a Gustie. Folks have bets on when Smuts is going to pull out her parka. “My roommate’s from Hallock, MN, like 30 miles from Canada. Her guess was Oct. 12,” Smuts says. But as of Oct. 30, Smuts has kept […]