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“I believe that critical and analytical thinking skills are the key for students to achieve a successful career.”

What are your areas of research and teaching expertise?Sheng Yang sits at desk.

I teach courses in economics and finance, including corporate finance, investments, and international trade and finance.  My research primarily focuses on the empirical analysis of strategic behavior and market dominance, capital market efficiency, and behavioral economics. The topics of my publications are broad and interdisciplinary, including time series analysis of asset pricing, structure-conduct-performance paradigm, student ethic awareness, efficiency wage theory, and selectivity bias in survey estimates. My recent publications include investigating the short-run and long-run dynamics between exchange rates and stock prices and exploring the significance of risk aversion with skewness preference that potentially delivers a premium.

What is your teaching style?
My goal in teaching is to provide students with a solid foundation of understanding in subjects they learn and engage them to become active thinkers who can critically evaluate theoretical arguments and use them to interpret real-life situations.  I endeavor to keep my instruction vibrant and engaging by showing my enthusiasm about the topics and my passion for economics.  I use advanced technology in my pedagogy and keep my topic relevant and current.  The three focal points of my teaching method are motivating students, promoting critical thinking, and creating more personal relationships with my students.  I believe that critical and analytical thinking skills are the key for students to achieve a successful career.

Describe your “lightbulb moment.”

Students often describe me as energetic and knowledgeable about the topic I teach. When teaching, I often find myself eager to communicate my enthusiasm for the subject to students. I always find a way to generate enthusiasm in class by making connections to the real world that students are longing for and allowing students to use their growing competence on the subject.  Through teaching, I learned that economics could answer so many questions, and I attempt to demonstrate the value of learning materials and encourage students to question and develop their critical thinking in economics. 

What tips do you have for student success?

Be responsible and consistent with what you are committed to and set your goal high and achievable.

What do you enjoy outside the classroom?

Thirty minutes of daily exercise, including running and weightlifting, is a way I relieves my stress at work. I also enjoy reading, managing my investment portfolio, and spending time with my family. Interacting with students and being involved in student organizations is a fun part of my job. I founded the Finance Club in 2013 and have been its advisor since then. Over the past ten years, the club has hosted annual banquets, speaker panels, and events to promote financial education to students. 

What campus traditions are your favorite?

The Nobel Conference and alumni relations

What is your favorite author/book?

Robert J. Shiller/Narrative Economics

What is your favorite class to teach?

Investments and International Trade & Finance

Where is your favorite place on campus/in St Peter?

The Arboretum


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