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Bryn Archambault ’25

“History classes are an environment of open-minded discussion and debate; a place to bounce ideas off one another.” Bryn did not come to Gustavus planning to major in History, but since being at Gustavus she has found a deep interest in the content that she has explored in her history classes, and has realized that […]

Chasey Wedge ’24

“I strongly believe that learning about the past and why things happened the way that they did is the best way to navigate the future and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes and create a better future.” Chasey became interested in a history major due to her passion for understanding past lifestyles, and finds history […]

Jonathan Cordano ’25

“Having historical knowledge has helped me to understand the problems of the world today, and many of the things in my own life.” Jonathan chose a major in history due to its implications for exploring the world through different lenses and perspectives. Throughout his studies, he has felt that through understanding of historical patterns, he […]

Ellen Dow ’25

“Dr. Maddalena Marinari pushes me to do my best work and is always there to help me succeed.” After beginning classes at Gustavus, Ellen decided to pursue a major in History due to her deep interest in the field, but was unsure of job opportunities that would be available to her. Throughout her time in […]

Megan “MJ” Johnson ’18

“In rejecting the ‘have to’ script, I have become the change I wished to see in myself.” The first year was a bit of a rough start for this first-generation college student. “I came to Gustavus feeling like an incredibly serious student. I felt like there were things I had to do, like study communications […]

James McPherson ’58

“Some stories entertain us. Others define us. They shape our identity, our sense of character and community, our understanding of right and wrong. Stories from the past have this power, which is why history is often so contested. Historians conduct their work under a weight of this charge.” As one of the most respected historians […]