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Erin Coleman ’25

“It’s a pretty small group of majors, but everyone is close and all know one another.” As someone who has always loved math, a major in Physics in addition to her Math major has given Erin an opportunity to investigate how math can apply to the real world. Within the Physics Department, Erin enjoys the […]

Aika Yamaguchi ’24

“It is a small department compared to other departments, so it is easy to feel connected with other Peace Studies students and professors.” An international student from Japan, Aika chose to come to Gustavus due to the opportunity that she would have to be involved in the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Department. Aika has […]

Emma Erickson ’24

“The Physics faculty have helped prepare me for a career through instructing me on a wide variety of topics.” Having chosen Gustavus partially for the physics program, Emma has found just what she was hoping for in the Physics Department. The community of students within the department is very tight-knit, and students can be found […]

Anahi Rubalcava Oritz ’23

“All of the public health courses that I have taken are interactive. I have enjoyed collaborating with my classmates and professors, whether it be on case studies or giving presentations” Anahi Ortiz, from Faribault MN, chose Gustavus because of the class sizes, the College’s values, beautiful campus, and short distance from home. While on campus […]

Maddie Hessian ’23

“Through LALACS, I have had the opportunity to take so many diverse courses and have learning experiences I otherwise would never have been exposed to; the major helped me to stay centered and well-rounded.” Maddie Hessian is from Northfield, Minnesota. She chose Gustavus because of the close-knit community. “I loved that I could be involved […]

Ellie Hartmann ’23

“The GWSS faculty have helped prepare me for a career by actively opening up opportunities for me to get involved with resume-building work like research and internships.” Ellie Hartmann, a native of Waconia, Minnesota, pursued her passion for English at Gustavus due to the comforting feeling that studying the subject gave her; she also shared […]

Lucy Peterson ’24

“The EGE Department has a very open and welcoming community. Geology is a smaller major, so everyone knows each other pretty well, but in my opinion, that only makes for  a more comfortable environment.” Growing up spending most of her time outside, Lucy was inclined to pursue a major that could allow her to make […]

Ezedin Seid ’24

“I’m always blown away by how willing and enthusiastic faculty are to help their students succeed. I’ve seen that in class and during office hours.” Ezedin chose Gustavus partially for the small class sizes and one-on-one relationships with professors and this is exactly what he has found within the Biochemistry/Molecular Biology major. As a pre-med […]

Sophia Nelson ’23

“In my capstone course (Proteins), the lab is group-based and relies on the passing off of information to group mates, which prepares you for research and other careers.” Having always been passionate about the math and science fields, Sophia decided to double major in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Mathematics knowing that she wanted to pursue research […]

Ashley Ley ’23

“Biochemistry/Molecular Biology professors are very accessible and foster a very positive and helpful work environment.” Coming to Gustavus as an intended STEM major, Ashley decided to major in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology as in intersection of her two favorite science fields: Biology and Chemistry. Within the program, she has found an extremely supportive and collaborative community that […]