Entries tagged with ‘Sports Management’

Rachel Kawiecki ’25

“The sports management minor allows me to dive more into the backside of sports which revolve around the office and social media!” With a major in Exercise Physiology and future plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Athletic Training, a minor in Sports Management has allowed Rachel to explore her passion for sports through a […]

Gavin Stodden ’25

“Along with teaching applicable information, the professors also do a phenomenal job of making sure that we know how to summarize that information and relay it forward in an efficient manner.” As someone who has been involved in sports throughout his life and plans to become an Athletic Trainer, Gavin decided to pursue a minor […]

Carson DeKam ’24

“I am looking forward to expanding my skill set in this area of business and broadening the outreach I can have through sports in the future.” With a major in Business Management, Carson decided to additionally pursue a minor in Sports Management as a way to stay close to the sports world, which he has […]