Entries tagged with ‘Environmental Studies’

Soren Sackreiter ’26

“Having such small classes also allows me to get to know my professors to the point where they are giving me emails of their friends doing research I may be interested in.” Soren has always had an interest in environmental stewardship, and he has found the Environment, Geography and Earth Sciences Department to be a […]

Sam Mendoza ’14

This Outdoors Enthusiast Learned To Love The Arboretum As a Student. He Has Returned To Help The Community Love It Too. If campus were a gigantic house, the Arb would be its front porch. That’s what Mendoza believes. “It’s that space between public and private. It’s the perfect area to welcome people from the Saint […]

Audrey Ochtrup-Dekeyrel ’22

“From farmhand to food researcher, Gustavus planted the seed for a new career path—that of professor.” A “terrible, bratty child” when it came to helping on her family’s farm in southeastern Minnesota, a younger Ochtrup-DeKeyrel couldn’t have imagined making a career out of agriculture. Now, shaped by her upbringing and her experiences as an environmental […]

Professor Julie Bartley

The faculty point person for the Nobel Hall expansion and renovation reflects on tending to it. She wasn’t exactly the faculty “leader” on the Nobel Hall of Science expansion and renovation. She was more of a guide, a chaperone, an escort. Call her the “faculty shepherd.” The Geology and Environmental Studies professor carried no crook, […]