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Luke Larkoski ’25

“Communication classes are a great place to exchange information and knowledge with your peers and professors.” Luke was drawn to a minor in Strategic Communications due to its implications for his future career in healthcare. He describes the environment of the Communication Studies Department as one in which students feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts […]

Brynn Smith ’25

“The material presented in class through articles, informational videos, movies, and discussion are helpful in developing the communication skills that will benefit me in the future.” Brynn chose to minor in Communication Studies as a supplement to her Public Accounting major because she feels that the courses provide “the development of people skills that I […]

Abby Vizenor ’25

“My Public Discourse course helped me to connect with my community and work to make change!” Abby chose a Communication Studies major simply because she enjoyed her initial Communications classes and appreciated the faculty within the department. Additionally, she says, “I have a strong interest in social media and photography so I figured this would […]

Kate Dario ’24

“I place a high value on relationships with others, and I feel valued and heard by all of the Communication professors.” Originally planning on majoring in Biology and Theatre, Kate decided to switch her major to Communication Studies after realizing that she was interested in the “relational side of human communication.” The faculty within the […]

Jonas Doerr ’24

“All of my classes have included small group work, and I feel more than ready to work with professional teams in the workforce.” Jonas was inspired to major in Communication Studies after taking Patty English’s Interpersonal Communications class, which reminded him of a favorite book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Jonas points to English […]

Skylar Abrego ’20

“Born into hockey and raised through her Gustie profs, she’s the current graduate assistant in Gustavus Sports Information.” It started when Communications Studies professor Pamela Conners said to her, “I think you’re holding yourself back.” Abrego had planned on becoming a teacher, but she loved Conners’ class Public Discourse far more than she loved her […]

Martin Lang ’95

“I Didn’t Leave Gustavus a Flag-Waving Gustie. My Perspective On Gustavus Really Changed After I Started Grad School.” I am a first-generation college student, so when I was applying to schools, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. I wanted to play soccer at a big state school, but I soon found out […]

ReAnn Eidahl ’20

From Chapel Choir to Habitat For Humanity to the Campus Activities Board and beyond, this Gustie woman has seized the lead. Gustavus had a very pragmatic advantage over other colleges Eidahl considered: She was able to sing in a choir without being a music major. During her four years on the hill, Eidahl was a […]