Brynn Smith ’25

Communication Studies Minor
Posted on March 8th, 2023 by

“The material presented in class through articles, informational videos, movies, and discussion are helpful in developing the communication skills that will benefit me in the future.”

Brynn chose to minor in Communication Studies as a supplement to her Public Accounting major because she feels that the courses provide “the development of people skills that I will need when transitioning into the workforce.” One of the things that Brynn appreciates the most about the Communications Studies Department is the discussion-based nature of her courses, enjoying “the opportunity to get to learn about interacting with people from different backgrounds.” In particular, she enjoyed her Interpersonal Communications class, in which she engaged in a panel discussion presentation. She says, “I really liked this type of assignment because it was very conversational instead of a lecture-type presentation.” The diversity of learning styles has been something that she has enjoyed as well, especially in the opportunities that she has had to do observational study. She says, “This includes observing nonverbal communication of people in different contexts. It is always very fascinating to see these behaviors that seem so minuscule repeated over and over in different situations by different people.” Brynn has also appreciated the faculty within the department and their willingness to hear new ideas and opinions from students. She has appreciated Professor Sarah Wolter in particular. Professor Wolter was her  FTS professor and someone who “made the transition to Gustavus much easier in terms of adjusting to classes and being a mentor figure early in my college career.” She points to the Communication Studies faculty as influential in preparation for her future career, saying “they have helped me be aware of other’s differences whether that be culture, background race, etc. and how communications can help shape these experiences.” Brynn feels that communication skills are useful and important in whatever field one chooses to pursue. In addition to her studies, Brynn is also on the volleyball team and involved in Gustie Buddies, SAAC, and Gustavus Women in Leadership. 


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