Jillian Elton ’25Communication Studies Major
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“In addition to an inviting learning atmosphere, every professor that I’ve taken a class with intentionally ties coursework to prevalent social issues and events, anywhere from a local to global scale.”

As someone who wants to be prepared for a dynamic workforce, Jillian was drawn to a major in Communication Studies due to its interdisciplinary nature and the opportunity to build useful skills for a variety of possible professions. She says, “the focus areas of critical media studies, interpersonal/intercultural communication, & rhetoric have developed my curiosity, drive, and adaptability as a student”. Within the department, Jillian has enjoyed the collaborative and communal atmosphere, where she has been able to form relationships and always feels that her perspective is valued. She also appreciates the connections that faculty make to relevant social issues, enabling students to view issues through different lenses. Jillian has also been able to incorporate her own personal interests and passions into her course work, as well as connect her work in class to her home community. Additionally, Jillian was able to present a rhetorical criticism paper at the 2023 Undergraduate Communications Research Conference, which was a special experience to improve her research and writing skills, as well as learn from other students from various schools. During her time in the Communication Studies Department, Jillian has been grateful for faculty, who she describes as “approachable, passionate, and responsive to student needs”. She has especially enjoyed her time spent with Professor Hagar Attia, who has genuine passion and intention for the course material, and who makes students comfortable. Jillian says, “She’s truly invested in my learning and wellbeing as a student and I’m very grateful for everything she has taught me”. Outside of the Communication Studies Department, Jillian is also involved on campus with the Gustavus Choir and Gustie Greeters.


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