Mitch Veith ’25Communication Studies Major
Posted on January 25th, 2024 by

“A sense of community is found through in class group discussions as well as group work on presentations and projects outside of class.”

Mitch decided to major in Communication Studies due to the collaborative and engaging nature of the first Communication Studies classes that he took. Since declaring his major, Mitch has found a tight-knit community in the department, and has been pushed out of his comfort zone to develop important skills for his future. Through group work and discussions, Mitch feels that the department as a whole fosters an environment that emphasizes community engagement and critical thinking skills. Mitch finds group activities fun and engaging, and they provide students with an opportunity to find creative solutions to problems. The department has also provided Mitch with resources to make connections with various individuals and organizations that will aid him in post-graduate opportunities. He says, “I have found exciting potential internships and job opportunities through these connections that I believe will greatly benefit my post college career”. Mitch also appreciates the faculty in the Communication Studies Department, who are very supportive of his endeavors and give him new ideas about various topics. While faculty’s course content helps students develop important skills for their future, they are also supportive in giving students resources to find the right place for them after graduation.


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