Luke Larkoski ’25

Communication Studies Minor
Posted on March 10th, 2023 by

“Communication classes are a great place to exchange information and knowledge with your peers and professors.”

Luke was drawn to a minor in Strategic Communications due to its implications for his future career in healthcare. He describes the environment of the Communication Studies Department as one in which students feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts and sharing knowledge with their professor and classmates. Luke appreciates that students are able to learn to think critically and have their opinions heard and validated, saying that this “makes the communications classrooms a safe and fun place to learn.” He especially values the time spent in small groups during which students can have more personal and in-depth discussions with their peers, appreciating students’ ability to find common ground. Within the department, Luke values the one-on-one discussions with professors that students have after class. He says, “The sharing of ideas doesn’t have to end when class does”, and “Professors are always willing to continue talking to students after class, fostering more conversation.” Luke appreciates the faculty within the Communication Studies Department, especially their guidance when he was declaring a minor. He says, “They gave me a lot of knowledge about the department and how it works.” One professor that he highlights is Professor Sarah Wolter, whom he finds is able to make class fun and engaging for students, saying “She is good at getting students to enjoy learning about communications.” He appreciates her ability to unite the classroom and encourage students to get to know one another. Although Luke does not see direct implications from his Communication Studies minor to his planned future career as a Nurse Anesthetist, his courses have allowed him to see new perspectives on human relationships.


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