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Ainsley Cox ’24

“Nearly all of my classes involve group discussions, usually about a research paper, where we extrapolate and practically apply the knowledge.” Ainsley’s focus when deciding to become a Psychology major was the major’s implications in helping people. Although they have always been interested in the mind’s functions, as they grew older they became passionate about […]

Sophie Martinez ’23

“The department welcomes all students to ask hard questions, challenge themselves academically, and push further towards understanding themselves and the world around them.” Sophie chose to major in Religion because of its opportunities to enter various areas of study and to deepen her personal understanding and worldview, while also being able to further understand the […]

Maddy Himmer ’23

“I feel prepared through this department to engage in my workplace communities and to explore diversity in ideas in those spaces.” As a Communication Studies Major, Maddy’s passion for deliberation, communication, and navigating cultural differences led her to pursue a minor in Religion. Within the Religion Department, Maddy has found an environment in which her […]

Benji Huff ’24

“[Religion professors] have devoted themselves to being a helpful and accessible resource for everyone at Gustavus.”  As a double major, Benji has found a sense of community within both the Geography and Religion departments. Benji has been able to combine these majors to start to develop a well-rounded understanding of how the world works, both […]

Jenna Hogstad ’25

“The professors I have encountered have had substantial and multifaceted experience within their area of expertise, and I value their advice substantially.” With a Management major, Jenna has been able to incorporate her interest in biology to pursue a career in the business end of the medical field. Within the Business and Management Department, Jenna […]

Jenna Wyum ’23

“There are so many opportunities that the Business and Economics Department offers students to grow in their careers, and I am thankful for all of the guidance I’ve received and the relationships I’ve formed that I know I can rely on as I begin my future career.” Knowing since high school that she wanted to […]

Lissie Artley ’25

“The Political Science Department has improved my writing and critical thinking skills, both of which I will be able to apply to future careers in or out of the political world.” Lissie chose to major in Political Science in addition to a History major, saying, “I have always been interested in bettering my understanding of […]

Sophia Artley ’23

“Music in particular is always experiential, and by performing and participating in local and global tours I learn both the importance of music but also the significance and impact of music on others.” Having a minor in music has given Sophia the opportunity to integrate her three majors – Political Science, Spanish, and Latin American/Latinx […]

Ivan Scarpino Korb ’24

“I feel that the classes are always presented in a non biased format even when professors may have their own respective opinions when teaching about curriculum.” Choosing to come to Gustavus solely for the football program, Ivan did not have an intended major when he first started classes. However, after taking Political and Legal Thinking […]

Jake Ross ’23

“Several faculty members have given me advice about what career fields I might be interested in – and helped me understand the paths to having those careers.” Jake became interested in Economics during his freshman year when he took his first economics class. After exploring the field, he decided to become an Economic Analysis major […]