‘Psychological Science’ Category

Alexis Lin ’24

“I feel as though the psychology department has given me a strong foundation in the psychological sciences and has prepared me well to take on the next chapters of my life.” Alexis was drawn to a major in Psychological Science due to a longing to understand why people behave the way that they do. She […]

Kat Cárdenas ’24

“The Gustavus faculty has allowed me to gain experience in Psychology, provided me with many courses to expand my knowledge in the field, and provided me with information on internship opportunities throughout my time at Gustavus.” Having decided on a Psychology major in high school, Kat was initially drawn to Gustavus due to its Psychology […]

Lindsey Westerberg ’23

“The faculty in the department helped prepare me for a career by providing opportunities to explore different avenues in psychology.” Lindsey’s interest in psychology began when she was just a child, and she remembers growing up asking questions about why people interact the way that they do. Throughout her experience at Gustavus, Lindsey has been […]

Ainsley Cox ’24

“Nearly all of my classes involve group discussions, usually about a research paper, where we extrapolate and practically apply the knowledge.” Ainsley’s focus when deciding to become a Psychology major was the major’s implications in helping people. Although they have always been interested in the mind’s functions, as they grew older they became passionate about […]

Professor Marie Walker

“Mental health and development was a long-discussed choice for the subject of the 2022 Nobel Conference. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Walker knew the topic had to confront today’s mental health crisis in adolescents and young people.” “I watched my students’ lives turn upside-down,” she remembers. “Then George Floyd was murdered. I was thinking […]