‘African Studies’ Category

Ursula Lindqvist

“It’s why I teach, because really it means I get to be a student for life.” What are your areas of research and teaching expertise? Nordic colonialisms and postcolonial studies, comparative literature, Swedish/Gustavus settler history, Indigenous relations, global Nordic cinema, Swedish language and literature, diversity and social change in the global North  What is your […]

Emelia Gifford ’25

“[Professor Kate Aguilar] has gone out of her way to make sure I am getting the most out of my time here at Gustavus and is always there to chat!” In high school, Emelia felt that she never was able to learn about the African Diaspora, so she took the opportunity to learn more about […]

Kate Aguilar

“I see myself as a facilitator helping students to think about history as a practice, whether they pursue it as a major or not.” What are your areas of research and teaching expertise? I am a professor of African American History, trained in the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary field of African American Studies, as well as […]

Martha Ndakalako

“I research and write about unconventional feminist literatures, and the way in which these kinds of literatures on innovative aesthetic and literary practices in order to circulate and comment on Namibian culture, history, and politics.” What are your areas of research and teaching expertise? I specialize in Anglophone African literatures, African and Black feminisms, and […]

Raquel Vaughn ’25

“I think [the African Studies Faculty’s]  genuine interest in what I’m doing and what I’ve done has made it clear to me that these are people I can trust when it comes to my career.” Raquel has always been interested in African American history, and after taking courses in the African/African Diaspora Studies program, the […]

Allison Held ’25

“As a future elementary teacher, I feel as though I have a comprehensive understanding of how to teach bottom-up American history to my students with special consideration of how the voices so often left out of the narrative don’t just fill in the gaps but actually tell a much more comprehensive and compelling story altogether.” […]

Delaney Bluhm ’23

“Every course I take puts a new perspective on the knowledge I may have already learned in a previous course.” Delaney Bluhm is a recent graduate from La Porte, Indiana. She chose her major of Political Science and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies because she’s always known that she wants to help people. Soon after arriving […]