Kaia Meyer ’26Dance Minor
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“The dance professors are some of the most thoughtful people I have met at Gustavus. They are invested in the growth of each student and go out of their way to help us succeed.”

As a Biology Major with a Dance minor, Kaia is interested in both science and the arts, and is glad that she can pursue both at Gustavus. She is happy that the Theatre & Dance Department has allowed her to stay connected to dance while also pursuing a different major, and she feels that this creates a good balance in her daily schedule. While those in the department come from a variety of dance backgrounds, Kaia feels that the community creates a welcoming environment to all students, and allows them to try new things. Kaia has had many fun learning experiences through the Theatre & Dance Department, including learning how to choreograph her own dance in her Dance Composition course, which will allow her to choreograph performances for other Gustavus students in the future. Through the department, Kaia also had the opportunity to attend the American College Dance Association Conference with other students at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Kaia and her fellow dance classmates were able to take classes from other institutions’ faculty, as well as perform a student-choreographed piece and receive valuable feedback. She says, “it was a great way for me to grow as a dance student and push myself outside of my comfort zone”. Looking forward, Kaia feels that she has learned very valuable skills in the department that can be applied to her future career, as different as it may be. She says, “I am interested in research and have learned to be more innovative in laboratory environments, as my dance classes have helped me learn to think artistically and outside the box”. Kaia also feels that the supportive and collaborative atmosphere that the Theatre & Dance faculty have fostered has taught her to value her own work, as well as the work of others. Outside of the Theatre & Dance Department, Kaia is also involved on campus with the Gustavus Dance Company, Big Partner Little Partner, and Tri-Beta.


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