Charlie Juaire ’26Statistics Major
Posted on January 25th, 2024 by

“The MCS faculty have been a huge help to me in figuring out different career paths by holding career and internship panels and sharing opportunities they find.”

Not being fully decided on a major when coming to Gustavus, after his first classes in the Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics Department, Charlie found a passion and enjoyment that drew him to pursue a major in Statistics. Within the department, Charlie has been presented with many resources by faculty that “promote learning and community”, and has been able to build meaningful connections with people in the department. Faculty within the Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics department have made Charlie feel welcome and supported, and he has especially appreciated his relationship with Jillian Downey, who is always available to help with both classwork and thinking about future career paths. As a whole, Charlie is appreciative of the faculty within the MCS Department for helping him navigate the exploration of future opportunities by recommending certain internship opportunities and providing information on various future career plans. Of the faculty, Charlie says, “I know I can always come to them with any questions about my future goals, and I have found a lot of support from them”. Outside of the Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics Department, Charlie is also involved on campus with Thrifty Gold.


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