Jonah Johnson ’25Religion Major
Posted on January 26th, 2024 by

“Religion Faculty are always open to scheduling meetings and talking about the process for their own careers, and offering help on getting info about other topics or careers that fit your life’s trajectory, wherever it’s at.”

Jonah decided on a Religion major because of an interest in Religion as it relates to culture and the way that people live. He appreciates the thoughtful nature of his Religion courses and the deep analysis of concepts, which are explored through a discussion-based format. He finds himself leaving classes with more questions and ideas to explore, saying the course content leaves him “asking a little more about a topic or person we talked about in class, or looking them up, and branching out for more info from there”. Jonah appreciates the faculty within the Religion Department, particularly Professor John Cha. While he has only had one class with Professor Cha, that class was motivating and engaging. He especially appreciated the meditations that started Professor Cha’s Buddhism course, which was a good opportunity to clear his mind before diving into complex concepts. Jonah enjoys the Religion faculty as a whole, and appreciates that they are always open to setting up meetings with students about various things, including possible future career paths. Outside of the Religion Department, Jonah is also involved on campus with the Cross Country and Track team.


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