Wren Heiman ‘25Theatre Major
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“As I apply for internships, the variety of shows that I’ve been able to participate in here round out my portfolio nicely for the place I’m at in my path, and I feel much more secure with a resume that fits the field and has been reviewed by both my classmates and faculty.”

As a transfer student, Wren’s priority when choosing a new school was the quality of the Theatre program, a place where he feels comfortable and secure. Wren feels that his ability to become involved in the Theatre and Dance Department right away when transferring made the transition much easier, and he was grateful for the warm welcome that he received from those within the department. While Wren enjoys the ability to study his other interests through his two minors – Religion and Studio Art – he feels that the time that he spends in the Theatre Department is helping him become prepared for a future profession in stage management. Through the department, Wren has felt that he has learned a wide array of skills, and appreciates that he gets to work with his peers to learn new skills together. While some skills may not apply to specific individuals, he feels that this method of teaching brings the community within the department together. In his stage management work, Wren appreciates the faculty making students feel like fellow professionals, saying, “The balance between the intensity of the work and outside commitments can be hard to find, but knowing not only that my work is trusted but the faculty will support me where I need it is lovely”. Looking forward, Wren feels that the Theatre & Dance Department has given him many opportunities to prepare for his future. For example, he was able to attend USITT in St. Louis, which was an opportunity for students to connect with potential employers. He also has enjoyed his Documentation class, which helped with arts-specific career preparation, and which made him more confident that he is where he needs to be in terms of a future career. Through the Theatre & Dance Department, Wren has been able to explore his passions while becoming prepared and building confidence for their future. 


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