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Quinn Ailabouni ’24

“The learning atmosphere is open and welcoming as professors seem to genuinely care about their students succeeding.” Quinn Ailabouni is a Biology major with a double minor in Public Health and Statistics. She is currently focusing on a career in virology, due to her enjoyment in biological and laboratory aspects of viruses.  Ailabouni describes the […]

Isabella Delwiche ’25

“The professors in the English Department are the absolute best. They have so much knowledge to share and they make learning such a joy.” Isabella Delwiche, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, is a Secondary Education major with a Communication Arts Literature (CALT) focus. She chose Gustavus primarily for its Education Department and the campus community.  She chose […]

Emily Ahrens ’25

“In the Public Health Department the learning environment is very interactive, hands on and team focused” Emily Ahrens, from Adel Iowa, chose Gustavus because of the small community feel and the opportunities the College has to study abroad.  Ahrens is pursuing a major in Nursing and a minor in Public Health. Her choice of the […]

Anahi Rubalcava Oritz ’23

“All of the public health courses that I have taken are interactive. I have enjoyed collaborating with my classmates and professors, whether it be on case studies or giving presentations” Anahi Ortiz, from Faribault MN, chose Gustavus because of the class sizes, the College’s values, beautiful campus, and short distance from home. While on campus […]

Emily Gerencer ’23

“Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies is an extremely welcoming and supportive environment. The inherent nature of feminism is to understand how we, as a society, can do better in all aspects.” Emily Gerencer, from Gardiner Maine, selected Gustavus due to the inclusive nature of the courses the College offered. She was also captivated by the campus’s […]

Emma Ziesemer ’25

“The professors in this Department have given me so many skills to help me prepare for a career” Emma Ziesemer is from Waconia, Minnesota. She is also a triple major! Ziesmer focuses on Financial Economics, Spanish, and LALACS. She chose LALACS  to get a new perspective on cultures that she couldn’t get in a Spanish […]

Maddie Hessian ’23

“Through LALACS, I have had the opportunity to take so many diverse courses and have learning experiences I otherwise would never have been exposed to; the major helped me to stay centered and well-rounded.” Maddie Hessian is from Northfield, Minnesota. She chose Gustavus because of the close-knit community. “I loved that I could be involved […]

Izabela Taylor ’24

“The faculty in the department have helped me prepare for a career giving me a diverse range of topics to understand as well as learning about Latinx identities.” Iza Taylor is from Golden Valley, Minnesota. She chose Gustavus because of its rich history and language programs, and she’s experienced how the learning community atmosphere in […]

Abby Alvarado Morales ’25

“The faculty in LALACS have helped guide me into the correct direction that is needed for my career. They are always open to having a meeting in case there are doubts and will always provide you useful information and resources” Abby Alvarado Morales is from Northfield, Minnesota, and is currently pursuing a double major in […]

Hailey Vader ’24

“The exceptional experiences with my professors and classmates inspired me to pursue a GWS major”.  Hailey Vader, from Williston, North Dakota, found her second home at Gustavus Adolphus College. Graduating in 2024, Hailey has been actively involved in various extracurricular activities on campus, all while pursuing her double major in Political Science and Gender, Women, […]