Elizabeth Tribbett ’23

Spanish Major
Posted on March 8th, 2023 by

“I love the connections you can make with people by speaking a second language.”

Elizabeth chose to major in Spanish, in addition to Biology, in preparation for a future health care profession, saying, “I have found [Spanish] useful in everyday life and I hope to be able to speak Spanish with patients in the future.” Elizabeth recognizes the “tight knit community” at Gustavus as a reason that she was initially drawn to campus. She has appreciated the small class sizes within the Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Department. She says, “My Spanish classes always have less than 20 students with a wide range of language skills which I think has been really great.” She points to the learning styles of her Spanish classes as something that has given her practical and useful knowledge, saying, “The professors put an emphasis on discussion and improving conversational skills rather than busywork.” Elizabeth also enjoys the relationships that she has been able to build with faculty members within the department, saying, “All of the professors I have had in the department know my name and will say hello when I am walking around campus.” In addition to the language itself, Elizabeth values the “intercultural skills” that have become useful in preparing for a future career. Through learning about another language and culture, she has gained skills that have allowed her to interact with people from separate lifestyles and cultures. Of herself and peers, she says, “We understand what it is like to learn a second language and how difficult it can be which helps us interact with people from different countries and cultures.” Elizabeth was able to use these skills this past summer, when she spent two months living in Galicia, Spain working as an au pair. Although this experience was not facilitated by the department, she says, “I would not have had the confidence to go without the help of the professors in the department.” In addition to her involvement within the Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Department, Elizabeth is also a Gustie Greeter on campus.


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