Thomas Sullivan ’23

Nursing Major
Posted on March 15th, 2023 by

“[Nursing faculty] have personally helped me solidify my goals for my career along with helping me create my resume and even helping me practice interviews.”

Originally intending to pursue a degree in Psychology due to the opportunity if offers to “lessen the stressors in [others’] lives,” Thomas eventually realized that he could do this through nursing by using a holistic approach to wellbeing. As someone who didn’t know much about healthcare before becoming a nursing major, Thomas appreciates the classroom environment that fosters growth, as well as the faculty being extremely supportive of their nursing students. He recognizes the small class sizes as a valuable aspect of the department, giving students the opportunity to improve their collaboration skills. Group tests are an especially unique aspect of the department that encourages teamwork. Thomas also enjoys the hands-on nature of coursework within the nursing department. Students have the opportunity to engage in real-life simulations using “very high-tech and responsive manikins.” Thomas finds these activities fun, as well as helpful for practicing skills. Thomas also points to experiential learning as a significant part of the Gustavus nursing program which includes clinicals at a variety of different hospitals. Thomas’s favorite clinical experience was his public health clinicals, in which he was able to go to multiple elementary schools and do vision and hearing screening for kids. He also enjoyed the opportunity to give flu shots to students on campus. Thomas appreciates the faculty within the Nursing Department and their connections that they can give students to internship opportunities, as well as opportunities for paid work within the community. He has especially appreciated Professor Jessica Stadick, saying, “Her investment in my growth as a student and future healthcare professional is really inspiring.” Outside of his interests in nursing, Thomas is also passionate about music and theater and is able to pursue these passions while being a devoted nursing student. He is involved with the Gustavus Choir, G Sharp A’Cappella, Legacy A’Cappella, and LineUs Improv.


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