‘Physics’ Category

Joe Weckwerth ’24

The Show Continues To Go On For This Multifaceted Ninth-Semester Senior And Human. As a Physics and Philosophy double major, the fundamentals of our human world are always on the forefront for Weckwerth. The two really do work hand-in-hand, he says. Physics asks you to think critically about the physical world. Philosophy asks you to […]

Erin Coleman ’25

“It’s a pretty small group of majors, but everyone is close and all know one another.” As someone who has always loved math, a major in Physics in addition to her Math major has given Erin an opportunity to investigate how math can apply to the real world. Within the Physics Department, Erin enjoys the […]

Emma Erickson ’24

“The Physics faculty have helped prepare me for a career through instructing me on a wide variety of topics.” Having chosen Gustavus partially for the physics program, Emma has found just what she was hoping for in the Physics Department. The community of students within the department is very tight-knit, and students can be found […]

Mary Davenport ’25

“The physics major challenges me to my limits but I enjoy every step of the way. The challenge has brought me closer to my peers and my professors.” Developing a passion for physics in High School, Mary has found the Gustavus Physics Department to be a place where she is challenged, but never bored and […]