Mary Davenport ’25Physics Major
Posted on November 10th, 2023 by

“The physics major challenges me to my limits but I enjoy every step of the way. The challenge has brought me closer to my peers and my professors.”

Developing a passion for physics in High School, Mary has found the Gustavus Physics Department to be a place where she is challenged, but never bored and is always interested in the material that she is learning. Mary enjoys the small class sizes within the Physics Department, and has become very close with her group of classmates, whom she takes nearly every class with, as well as the faculty within the department. Through course material, Mary feels that she is constantly presented with new information and ways to solve problems that she was never aware of before. The Physics Department has also allowed Mary to explore outside research opportunities. The faculty within the department have guided her search for research opportunities and provided her with letters of recommendation, allowing her to participate in a summer research program at Purdue University over the summer of 2023. Mary feels that she is able to connect with her professors, discussing implications of the content discussed in class and making plans for future career options. She also appreciates talking with professors about their own experiences, and listening to stories that can better inform her own interests and decisions. While her Physics courses have been challenging, Mary feels that these challenges have prepared her better for her future, especially due to the support that she has received from faculty and students within the department. Outside of the Physics Department, Mary is also a member of Chapel Choir and the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.


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