‘Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies’ Category

Birgen Nelson ’23

“My course professors, Mary McHugh, Yurie Hong, Sean Easton, and Margaretha Kramer, all made my experience fantastic. Each and every one of them are lovely people and fantastic professors!” Birgen was drawn to a major in Classical Languages due to its supplemental nature in her other major, Political Science. Knowing that those with knowledge in […]

Justin Schriever ’23

“The professors here are so supportive and genuinely interested in their students.” Justin  was originally interested in Gustavus because of its Education and Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies Departments, which would eventually become his two areas of study. He has combined these two areas through his Communication Arts/Literature Teaching major and Classical Languages minor. Justin […]

Bailey Wagner ’24

“It is such a blessing to be surrounded by people with whom I can have a range of conversations. We can have intellectual discussions about ancient references in modern media, whether or not Sauron is a blackhole, or what the prettiest duck species is.” Originally focused on her Chemistry major, Bailey was first drawn to […]