Ohnica Melenich ’24Health and Physical Education Teaching Major
Posted on November 20th, 2023 by

 “All of the faculty have been supportive of my decisions and needs to prepare me for my future, and have really pushed me to become the best version of myself.”

As a Health and Physical Education Teaching Major, Ohnica has found that the Health and Exercise Science Department has given her flexibility to focus on material that pertains to her future career. Within her courses, Ohnica has had many opportunities to expand her teaching skills, and has been pushed out of her comfort zone, but has always been supported by her peers and faculty within the department. Of the course Elementary Physical Education Content and Methods, Ohnica says, “This class pushed us all out of our comfort zones, but helped us learn more about our teaching styles while also receiving lots of constructive feedback to help us out”. Through the department, Ohnica is also getting experience outside of the classroom that will help prepare her for her future career. As an academic assistant, she has been able to witness the realities of teaching for a full semester as opposed to individual lesson plans, and has learned more about grading and assessment, which is knowledge that she can take into her career. She also is currently going through practicum at Saint Peter Middle School prior to student teaching, during which she is able to gain firsthand experience leading a classroom full of students. Of this experience, Ohnica says “I’ve learned plenty of leadership skills and the importance of transitions, as well as how to assess students with equity”. The faculty within the Health and Exercise Science Department have been an important factor during Ohnica’s time at Gustavus. She has developed a particularly close relationship with her academic advisor, whom she describes as very open, creating a comfortable atmosphere for students. After gaining various insights from each professor that she has had, Ohnica feels confident in her abilities for the future. Outside of the Health and Exercise Science Department, Ohnica is also involved on campus as a member of the Student Educators’ Association, and spends time coaching at the tennis bubble.


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