Hanna Lee ’25Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Major
Posted on November 10th, 2023 by

“The department really strives to ensure that its students are knowledgeable on global issues that are happening today.”

As a Peace Studies and History double major, Hanna has found that the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Department focuses on the parts of history that she finds to be most interesting, which are the histories of oppressed populations and revolution. Hanna has appreciated the multidisciplinary nature of the Peace Studies Major, in which she has taken classes from various departments. She also feels that professors have successfully created a sense of community within the department despite its multidisciplinary nature. Hanna appreciates the effort of the Peace Studies Department in making sure that students are involved in current events and have learning opportunities outside of the classroom, including conferences and teach-ins. Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies students are also required to complete either an internship or a study abroad program, which encourages students to engage in experiential learning. Hanna has opted to study abroad, and is planning to spend Spring of 2024 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She has appreciated the faculty in the department and the content that is covered within her classes. Her favorite class so far has been Gender, Sex, and the Holocaust, in which students were able to explore how identity impacted the experience of Holocaust survivors. Hanna’s favorite professor within the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Department is Maddalena Marinari. As her academic advisor, Professor Marinari has supported Hanna on her academic journey, and Hanna hopes to take another class with her. As a whole, Hanna feels that the department has helped prepare her for a future career, and she feels lucky to have the opportunity to take Peace Studies as an undergraduate major, as it is typically only offered as a master’s program. Outside of the department, Hanna is also involved on campus with Model UN and Women’s Action Coalition.


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