Cody Bonk ’24Exercise Physiology Major
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“Through the Pre-Health Career advisors and the HES department I have been able to create a strong resume, received letters of recommendation, and been able to network with previous Gustavus students who are now in graduate school.”

Having a passion for the biomechanics of human movement, Cody’s major in Exercise Physiology will help him achieve his goal of becoming a Physical Therapist and helping people overcome physical challenges. He says, “I chose this path because I wanted to be able to make an impact on lives at an individual level while also being able to explore the complex functions of the human body”. Within the Health and Exercise Science Department, Cody has found a close-knit community in which he takes most courses with the same cohort of students. This has allowed him to become close with his classmates and feel a sense of support among them. He says, “It can be difficult to do body composition testing, but both the professors and students within the HES Department allow people to feel comfortable being vulnerable”. Classes within the Health and Exercise Science Department have pushed Cody out of his comfort zone and helped him improve his communication skills. Specifically, the course Exercise, Diet, and Disease with Professor Claire Woebke helped him improve his public speaking skills through daily contributions to class from each student and engaging conversations. Within the department, Cody has had only positive experiences with the HES faculty, saying “they provided opportunities for me to grow as a student, person, and future healthcare provider”. Faculty within the department have helped Cody improve skills that will be vital in his future career, particularly communication skills. Looking forward, Cody feels that the Health and Exercise Science Department has prepared him for graduate school and his future profession through networking, resume building, and by providing many post-graduate resources. Outside of his work within the Health and Exercise Science Department, Cody is also involved on campus with the football team, Student Athlete Volunteer Educators, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, among other organizations.


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