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Birgen Nelson ’23

“My course professors, Mary McHugh, Yurie Hong, Sean Easton, and Margaretha Kramer, all made my experience fantastic. Each and every one of them are lovely people and fantastic professors!” Birgen was drawn to a major in Classical Languages due to its supplemental nature in her other major, Political Science. Knowing that those with knowledge in […]

Anna Marie Riner ’24

“By giving me opportunities like accompanying, the faculty have helped me develop my own self-confidence, time management, and interpersonal skills.” Originally only focused on her Psychology major, Anna Marie’s involvement and enjoyment in music at Gustavus led to encouragement, particularly from Professor Yumiko Oshima-Ryan, to pursue a Music minor with a focus in piano performance. […]

Alex Blegen ’23

“The faculty have guided me through many hands-on experiences both in front of Gustavus ensembles as well as encouraging me to take outside opportunities to prepare myself for my career including working with clinicians, attending workshops, and conferences.” Coming to Gustavus unsure of the academic path that he wanted to pursue, Alex’s passion for music […]

Zoe Jesh ’24

“Not only have the Political Science faculty provided me with valuable information, but they have taught me how to use my personal strengths toward my professional development and provided me with a network of Gustie alumni to reach out to.” Zoe was drawn to a major in Political Science due to an interest in understanding […]

Sophie Norman ’24

“Whether I’m in class, choir, or a piano seminar, it’s clear that everyone in the room is rooting for each other to succeed.” Initially focused on a major in Communication Studies and only planning to minor in Music, Sophie decided to pursue a double major after enjoying her music theory class and receiving encouragement from […]

Emily Norman ’23

“Nursing Faculty have provided the students with ample opportunities, connecting us with summer internship options, jobs for after college, studying tools, tips on how to build our resumes, and knowledge on different educational paths to take after college to further our careers as nurses.” Emily’s passion for nursing has stemmed from a fascination with the […]

Zoe Zarth ’23

“Through an intensive music curriculum that is constructed with realistic and applicable principles, I have had countless opportunities to practice and execute all elements of teaching music so that I truly feel ready and excited to enter the field.” With the music programs, especially the choral program, being something that drew Zoё to Gustavus in […]

Nikita Sandstrom ’23

“The language classes are a well-balanced mix of academic and modern terms so while you can understand the base, there are modern terms mixed in so a student such as I can hold conversations and navigate a modern Eastern Europe.” As someone who is half Ukrainian and grew up speaking Russian and Ukrainian, Nikita decided […]

Claire Lind ’24

“There is an overarching effort to develop our own understandings of political and social issues through being exposed to perspectives that might differ from our own.” Claire was drawn to a major in Political Science since the beginning of her college career as someone who is passionate about social justice and advocacy. Her First-Term Seminar […]

Nicole Nelson ’24

“In the classroom,  we learn on our own but then come together to think things through in groups. We talk things through and build off one another which creates a better understanding in our course material.” Nicole’s ability to pursue nursing while also being involved in athletics and music is what brought her to Gustavus […]