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“Don’t be afraid to speak, remember to listen, and ALWAYS ask questions.”

What are your areas of research and teaching expertise? Karl Larson stands in front of white background.

Research: Alternative medical practices, consumer health, public health programming, epidemiology

What is your teaching style?
Since students come in all styles, I try to structure classes the same way. Some lecture, yes, but also lots of discussion, group work (which reflects the field of public health practice), and case studies.

Describe your “lightbulb moment.”

It happened about half way through the very first class I was asked to teach. My career began in Student Affairs not the classroom, but the Health Science department at the school I was working needed someone to pick up a class for a faculty member on sabbatical. I fell in love with being in the classroom. I remember driving home the night it hit me and knowing that being a professor was in my future.

What tips do you have for student success?

Be present, not just “there.” Learning comes from being fully engaged. Don’t be afraid to speak, remember to listen, and ALWAYS ask questions. 

What do you enjoy outside the classroom?

Golf, music, and exploring wineries of Minnesota. Talking to students and watching them get excited about their future plans and dreams.

What campus traditions are your favorite?

Any of our events related to expressing appreciation…it is important to tell people that they are valued.

What is your favorite author/book?

The Alexander Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow

What is your favorite class to teach?



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