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Soren Sackreiter ’26

“Having such small classes also allows me to get to know my professors to the point where they are giving me emails of their friends doing research I may be interested in.” Soren has always had an interest in environmental stewardship, and he has found the Environment, Geography and Earth Sciences Department to be a […]

Bryn Archambault ’25

“History classes are an environment of open-minded discussion and debate; a place to bounce ideas off one another.” Bryn did not come to Gustavus planning to major in History, but since being at Gustavus she has found a deep interest in the content that she has explored in her history classes, and has realized that […]

Zoya Akhtar ’26

“I have learned great things from each professor and I know what things I will want to implement in my future career as well.” With intended majors in Mathematics and Computer Science, Zoya’s passion for math started when she was young, always having enjoyed helping others with their math homework and appreciating her own math […]